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Naked anderson cooper

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AC does not wear underwear underneath his gym shorts when he's working out. Back lesbian sex. Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? Anderson is about 5 feet 8 or 5 feet 9 and he was walking past me because they were having a charity flea market for this dog chaity; it will be on the air next week.

Naked anderson cooper

You forgot the third catagory of which I am a member, the disdainers. Naked anderson cooper. Op I am at a taping of this daytime show and he is 5 feet from me now. Slightly less amusing was Kirk Cameron talking with Piers Morgan and getting quizzed on homosexuality. I'm surprised no one's tried to take a pic of AC's naked ass and nutsack in the gym.

Fitz Both with Anderson and the inevitable size question: Unless you are the same poster, r61? Any mention of Cooper usually brings out the lovers and the enviers. Maybe AC doesn't care if someone only sees his ass. He doesn't give a date, he only says he's seen them, just because he started the thread on April 14 doesn't mean that's when he saw them at the gym.

Was our Anderson presenting hole? Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows it's fiction. I bet his ass is milky white and smooth. Beeg black milf. With the globe-hopping CNN stalwart on the radioactive ground in Japan reporting on the earthquake-tsunami-reactor triple whammythe beefcake-happy mag had been offering big bucks for pics of his naked bod—or rather was.

Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! To expand on my observation, IMO Anderson has a natural elegance and refinement which comes across even more in person than on tv. I want to hear all about it, especially about Ben's massive cock. He works it out on the rotating stare thing for a good 45 mins to an hour sweating it up.

So, basically, Anderson Cooper rejected Andy Cohen as a potential romantic partner based on a single phone call, during which he imagined that Cohen was talking with his hands, a not-uncommon habit. I think R is right, that guy Gabriel doesn't fit AC's type, he doesn't look masculine and rugged enough. He has small balls from what I saw when he bent over. Switch to US edition? Joseph Erickson I just imagine those two in my thoughts having sex!!!

You and other Benderson Fraus buy into it, think they're being serious, and then you think you have to deny their claims because some people may believe the fiction.

Benderson frau at r50 was kicked out of detective school and also flunked Spelling in 3rd grade. He definitely would not have that boyfriend if he wasn't loaded and on television. Lorenzo is very big and is very comfortable walking around naked. I have my issues with Coopers wink wink dance with the closet. He is cute and his body is pretty amazing. Ben is the one to stare at with his muscles and bouncy bulge.

Ha, Anderson's on CNN right now talking about how Dick Clark was the type of person who most people didn't know much about personally, he was just someone who everyone liked because of what they did and not because they knew anything about him as a person.

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Angad Singh Chera Why do I need to know this? Thanks OP for posting more comments, that's very much appreciated! He shops at Costco. The Anderson locker room sighting was last Thursday I believe - now that I have to put a time stamp on it.

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The BF and him keep pretty much to themselves. Old lesbian women porn. Thanks OP, if you see them again, please give us some details! OP, it would be great if you could just let us know if you see something interesting happening between them at the gym - the playfulness with the t-shirt you described earlier was a fun piece of info. Please ignore her angry rants and continue posting about seeing AC. Andy Cohen is ruining Anderson Cooper for me. Allen Sayers Fight for the bottom.

Thanks for all the great info OP. Naked anderson cooper. If you want awesome sex, find a sensual partner who is into you. My gosh the man has alot of cash and homes. Unless you are the same poster, r61? Yes, it is a leap. Fake nude pictures of jennifer aniston. Deon Letsoalo I think I just threw up in my mouth! Thanks for posting what you know OP. I hope you'll give a few more bits of info on Jerry O'Connell, too. Naked celebs in front of strangers leads to naked pics posted on the internet.

Would you like to view this in our Australian edition? Jamie Robillard I guess discretion, class, and morals are a thing of the past?? He never interjected himself to really tell you one way or the other who he really was and it wasn't about knowing every detail of Dick Clark's personal life or his life.

I guess if he were to die, Ben and Gloria would probably get most of the inheritance, as Anderson doesn't really have any family left. I agree, I think Ben and Gloria would stand to inherit most of Anderson's assets, since he doesn't seem particularly close to whatever family he has left.

Andy Cohen is none of those things. Brown positively destroys a Washington Times reporter who fails to have any facts correct. If you're saying that there's no difference between r's comment, which I admit goes a little overboard with the "AC is trying to hold on to Ben forever", and the never ending flow of lies that the Ben haters keep pushing here Ethan, Pablo, Satanism, you name it, they've done itthen you're definitely not being objective. You Anderson Cooper trolls are seriously insane.

AC would not be dumb enough to risk that.

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He has a smooth tight chest as well with pink nipples. Nigerian girls fucking. I love how some of you think you know Andy's taste in men. Smooth white ass, on the skinny side and a smallish nutsack. Anderson's just talking about himself, he loves the idea of everyone not know much about him or his private life, he just wants to be out there, doing his job. I'm always in style. Lisa ann huge tits There is a likely chance someone will see his ass. Naked anderson cooper. Anderson is thin, pale, with just a hint of muscle tone.

Or perhaps, was he wearing open-balled loungewear at the time? Please ignore her angry rants No, it's simply someone who is ramping up the fiction that has been posted in EVERY Anderson Cooper thread for the past few years.

We were also able to send our brilliant photographer Clint over for a photoshoot with the walking Ralph Lauren ad. Casper may be old news but Cooper isn't.

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